Monday, 10 September 2018

‘Show not Tell’

Work with a partner to see if you can rewrite one of these  to ‘Show not Tell’
I felt angry. I flung The Door open, chucked My Clothes Around
across The room,
Huffing and puffing as my hands scrunch harder and harder.
It was a sunny day. The sand Scorched by my feet, Bright red face,
Sun burnt, I Squint my eyes.

It was cold at the beach. I was shivering like I
Was In Antarctica I can see my warm breath coming out my mouth
thro the freezing air.   
Brainstorm as many different ideas as you can that show that it was cold at the

Now try to write a paragraph using these ideas that shows it was cold at the beach

, without using the words beach or cold (don't just switch the word cold to another
adjective such as freezing as that is still just telling. - Try to show that you are cold.
Think about how you are feeling/what you are doing/what you see/hear/feel to help
show this.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Tata Samoan Language Week Assignment

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 Samoan Language Week Assignment

Using the following websites below you need to create a presentation about SAMOA!

Using your research skills you need to find the following:

(tick it off once you’ve completed it)
What is the capital city?
Culture: What cultural food do they have?
Cultural clothing?
Cultural music/dance?
Cultural customs?
What is the population?
Select 3 famous Samoan people and tell us information about them.
What is there religion?
What is their currency?
Who is the Prime Minister?
What are some popular tourist attractions or famous landmarks? (Choose 4)
How many islands are there?
What sports are they good at?
Include a map
Include a picture of the flag
Include any other images in your presentation

Links you can use:

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Digital Footprint

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1. Lydia Ko was (Born in 24 April 1997) .

2. Lydia ko was born in Korea.

3. She is a professional golfer who became
the top golfer  in the world on 2 February
2015 at 17 years, 4.9 months and 9 days of
age, making her the youngest player of
either gender to be ranked No.1 in
professional golf.