Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Tata When Volcano Erupted Timeline

Tata Narrative

Narrative Writing
WALT: identify the key features of a narrative.

Write a narrative (which will then go onto your blog), that tells the story discussed in class.


Along time ago in the United States of America there were two loved volcano they were in love. but they have a problem like every single day the two volcanoes go next to each other and rocks fall down from the top and the lava explodes into a love heart?.Everyday the girl sing a song and the boy sings along.When the girl sings to the boy rocks fall down like a Active volcano eruption.I want to change this problem by separating them apart so nothing will happen like Active volcano eruption. All I wanted was no volcano eruptions,so the world can be a quite place.I hope the volcanoes don’t erupted.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Tata Tens and Ones

Tata Capitalisation


Correct the capitalisation in each sentence as you rewrite it in colour below.

  1. ben and i are going to the movies.
Ben and I are going to the movies.

  1. yesterday, i went to pt. england beach.
        Yesterday I  went to Pt England Beach.

  1. tuesday is the duffy assembly.
        Tuesday is the Duffy Assembly

  1. have you seen the movie three wise cousins?
       Have you seen the movie three Wise Cousins

  1. mr. burt is the principal of our school.
      Mr .Burt is the Principal of our School .

  1. did you know that miss west likes to sing?
        Did you know that Miss Weat likes to Sing

  1. mrs. moala was born in the united states of america.
       Mrs Moala was born in the United states of America.

  1. mr. sommerville and miss lavakula both enjoy coaching sports.
       Mr .Sommerville and Miss Lavakula both Enjoy Coaching sports.

Tata volcano

This is all about the naughty volcano

Tata Duffy Theatre

On tuesday the 9th 2016 we had a duffy theatre in the pt england school hall it was for the whole school. They came to our school to talk to us about books. We learnt how ruby didn’t know how to read and duffy went to help her.

Duffy teleported to when robys dad went to war.My favourite part was when duffy went to war with robys and he was walking around looking for robys,duffy so robys dad writing a leter for roby. My other favourite was when Ruby thought that duffy was her husband.It made me have the giegles. It was funny cause the actor made me laugh.Thank you duffy and the others for the amazing theatre.

Term 1 Volcano Animation

Tata Volcano from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This term we have been learning about volcanoes.  I hope you enjoy my animation!


Last Thursday night it was FIA FIA and there was 19 Groups my Favourite group was the. Cook island group and it was the Circus Circus group.